Posted by: lisetta | April 12, 2011

Panzano Part 2

Last time I was in Denver, back in November 2009, I ended up eating multiple times at Panzano, wondering just how it was that Denver had more interesting Italian than Philadelphia. Is it just that we’re tied too tightly to tradition on the East Coast? Is it that our food philosophy and access to farm fresh ingredients are a few steps behind the curve? These thoughts linger a year and a half later, when I went back with a large group of colleagues to celebrate our working partnership.

We drank Gattinara, one of my all-time favorite wines, and shared incredibly delicious appetizers for the table: fried brussels sprouts fried served with thinly sliced green apples, crespelle with mushrooms and white truffle, and piadina with stracchino e prosciutto. The mood was jovial, indeed. Most of us continued on with the grilled Caesar salad:

Can you believe I took this picture with my iPhone?

The slightly smokey flavor of the grilled Romaine rejuvenated the familiar flavors of a classic Caesar salad. The garlic didn’t even bother me. Scandalous! I chose for my entree a vegetarian pasta: fettuccine con le ciliegie.

Made with tarragon, haricots verts, almonds, goat cheese and cherries over a lemon emulsion, this dish looked beautiful but felt a bit too heavy for my tastes. I’m not sure if it was the butter in the lemon emulsion or the goat cheese itself, but I felt like this dish needed to lighten up a bit. It didn’t help that the homemade pasta was slightly overcooked.  The other person who ordered it agreed. I think it’s interesting to note the differing amounts of goat cheese in the photo of the rosemary pasta I ate there in 2009:

Seeing both dishes side by side like this reveals the chef’s ‘formula’: long pasta + fresh green + herb + nut + lemon + goat cheese. Pretty smart!  I shall try this at home sometime.

Though we were too full for dessert, we left the restaurant with happy hearts. It had been a lng time since I enjoyed table fellowship with fabulous food.  Grazie mille, Panzano!



  1. Those pictures are wonderful! It sounds delicious to me. I have a good (foodie) friend in Denver and I’m going to recommend Panzano. Thanks for the write up!

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