Posted by: lisetta | July 16, 2011

Posts unwritten

I got three phone calls today asking me why I’m not writing in my blog, so here I am with a photographic review of some thoughts over the past few months. My worklife has become so tiring that the last thing I want to do when I get back to my place is open a computer.

I’ve just begun to explore the Italian food scene in Manhattan, and will have some stories to post soon. What Philadelphia doesn’t have in food culture, Manhattan does. Whatever ingredient I want is in a six block radius from my apartment, so there’s little angst on the food front!  Though I’ve been spending several nights in the city for a few months now, I have not once cooked anything. I am too busy exploring what other people make….and there are some fabulous options. These days, I’ve been eating vegan bento boxes, amazed at how delicious they are. Who knew?

Anyway, here are a few pictures of posts I’d meant to write, with a few pictures from my life as well.  Enjoy!

Here's the living/dining combo of the faculty sublet I'm renting with a friend. Everything there is old. I don't like at all that elite schools privilege faculty over professional staff with subsidized housing ... yet wish they would subsidize my housing as well. LOL.

We went to Kitty Hawk, NC in early June. We were told to eat boiled peanuts. I understand why they aren't sold all across the states.

Look how WalMart displays its vegetables. No wonder people find them so unappealing.

And look how it sells bait. I sure wouldn't want to open those bags.

It's a fascinating state law, don't you think? What's the difference, I wonder?

You can get lost in WalMart. This is the secod time I've ever been in one. I see no reason to return.

I was so happy to find an Italian place in the Outer Banks! The family history of the place was charming; their offerings were not. Le sigh.

My beach souvenir was a bag of Garofalo calamarata pasta. It's the one on the right, shaped like big rings of calamari (squid). Why some shapes were $5.69 and others were $3.99 eludes me.

I cooked it when I got home, with tomatoes and beans. It was more delicious than anything I had eaten in an entire week. I don't want to go to North Carolina again.

There were some nice views there, though.

And really big rosemary bushes. Do they eat it, I wonder?

My friend Eric has taken an independent sabbatical. He made his own feta! It was the best I had tasted since my summer in Greece 10 years ago.

Eric makes fabulous cobblers...and they're gluten-free! I wish DC were closer.



  1. You someday will enjoy boiled peanuts. Often the roadside variety is a crap shoot.

    • Sorry, Ann! I wonder if that will be the case… I like the *crunch* of peanuts. It was simply too weird to eat them both hot and soggy. 🙂

  2. Great pictures Lisa!! Your apartment looks so nice..sure wish the weather was cooler this weekend..sad sigh. All Wal Marts don’t sell veggies that way. I go there all the time, and never saw them packaged like that. Glad to see you have a little time to blog again..the restaurant sounds neat!

    • Ha ha! The other Walmart I visited was with you and Missy. Do you remember? I recall feeling amazed at how stocked the shelved were and how long the aisles were. I remember taking pictures there as well, of Pittsburgh cheese puffs to send to out-of-town friends. Walmart feels like a foreign country to me! 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary, beautiful apartment and LOL, I feel the same way about Wal-Mart. Went there the other day and was reminded immediately why I avoid them. Plus they’re just wretched for the locally owned businesses that can’t compete with the big box prices. Great to see you posting.

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