Posted by: lisetta | July 17, 2011

Tagliatelle with corn?

Blaine and I celebrated our one year dating anniversary this week, at JG Domestic, a Jose Garces restaurant right next to the train station.  Of all the delicious foods that came to our table, this one was the most surprising:

Sweet corn tagliatelle, with heirloom tomatoes and the smoothest basil pesto I think I've ever had.

Though inspired by Italian ingredients, I honestly couldn’t tell you what else was in this dish, how they prepared it or how you might reconstruct it. For this, I am grateful. Eating at the Garces restaurants  sates my wanderlust for new food experiences every time, even if I order a dish I had already eaten some time ago.

Turns out this is exactly the type of experience they are trying to create:

We are a family of proud, passionate professionals who collaborate to tell a story, one plate at a time. We are fluent in multiple culinary languages. We take delight in translating–serving as guides and inspiring our guests to explore their tastes. We are driven to ensure every visit is an unforgettable journey and every dish a transformative experience. (Garces Group website)

“As a chef,” he writes in the introduction [of his book, “Latin Evolution“], “my constant challenge is to find the possibilities that new ingredients and techniques offer, while honoring what has come before. My mantra is simple: ‘authentic’ and ‘innovative’ are not contradictory. This recipe collection is a highly personal mix of my family history, culinary training and personal creativity. That’s how my cuisine evolved.” (About Chef Garces)




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