Posted by: lisetta | July 1, 2012

Paul’s perfect peppers

Looking through my iPhone to remind myself of posts unwritten, I realized that posting the pictures of Paul’s perfect peppers without his narrative would be a sin, so here it is all dressed up with iMovie flourishes:

He narrated this in September, 2011! Where has the year gone?

Paul’s peppers really are perfect. Here are my unedited ‘notes to self’, written right after eating lunch:

perfect rice — consistency, neither dry nor wet
pepper has texture, neither mushy nor crunchy, at that perfect point between the two, he’s created the ‘al dente’ of the pepper!
tomato there to flavor, not wetten or overwhelm
the sausage not primary but scents the dish
nice amount of sausage to rice
nice touch to keep the stem on the pepper
adding olive oil works too

I recall perfectly the circumstances that delayed my full review. I was too busy at work to write it up during the daytime, and by the time the evening arrived I was too exhausted from work to remain at a keyboard. This pretty much sums up the past ten months of my life. Let’s hope that it doesn’t foretell the next ten months!

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