Posted by: lisetta | July 2, 2012

The French Frittata

The slow path to cooking in in my borrowed NYC kitchen sped up with a visit from Alain in early March. He came to town for an academic conference, and opted to stay at my place rather than in a hotel. Who knew that living in NYC would come with such benefits? I’ve had almost as many visitors this past year as I’ve had in a decade in Philadelphia.

Below is a short video about Alain’s effort to use up some of the vegetables we had picked up from the local Farmer’s Market. (Can you believe the Farmer’s Market runs year round here?)

Cooking in NYC this past year has been a humbling experiment. At first, I didn’t do very much of it, and blamed it on the lack of accoutrements: no dishwasher, only one pan unscarred by burned meals, and no knife able to cut a tomato. Plates cracked and chipped, silverware oxidized, glasses mismatched … I hadn’t realized I’d become such a bobo!  A few months in, I brought a toaster, knife, cutting board, and an 8-piece set of stainless steel pots I got on an Amazon quick deal for $35. I started doing salads there, occasional pasta and/or ravioli dishes and eggs. That’s about it. Is it any wonder there haven’t been any blog entries to write?

I’m looking forward to moving my real kitchen to New York City, where every ingredient is a short walk or subway ride away. I imagine my food life will become much more interesting.

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