Posted by: lisetta | July 3, 2012

Di Palo’s in Little Italy

Everyone who comes to New York discovers places that resonate. When Alain lived in Chinatown with his girlfriend many years back, he remembered an Italian specialty shop called Di Palo’s. We ventured down there one evening to see if it was still around. Indeed it is, and what a gem …

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We bought sheep’s milk cheese, fresh mozzarella, store-made ravioli, and a jar of chestnut marmalade, then got lost trying to find the subway back up to my place. You never *really* get lost in New York, though. Someone is always on the sidewalk ready to point you in the right direction. In our case, it was a young woman who was also new to New York, but she consulted her iPhone to find the nearest subway stop. As we walked away, Alain asked why I didn’t get out my own iPhone and look it up! Good question, indeed!

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